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Wrist Band Cures Motion Sickness


This is Shocking!

I’ve never heard of such a thing before, and I am very, very Interested!

Just Think…


It’s Crazy to think about, but by the sounds of it, IT’S TRUE!

It’s a Device called “ReliefBand” (As shown below)…

Motion Sickness Cured By Wrist Band Electrical Impluses

And it Prevents Motion Sickness AND Morning Sickness. It keeps you from getting Dizzy, Queasy, Nauseous or Vomiting, as you ride in a Moving Vehicle, like a Car, Boat, Plane, Cruise Ship, or Roller Coaster (Not to Mention the Road To Hana on Maui).

Wrist Band Cures Relieves Motion Sickness

All you do is Strap it on with the Included Gel (Which you can Buy More Connectivity Gel Here), Push the Power Button to turn it on, and it uses Proprietary Nerve Stimulation (Called Neuromodulation) to Emit Gentle Electrical Impulses that Tingle your Wrist and Stops the Symptoms of Dizziness.

It’s Perfect for Traveling!

And, it’s FDA Approved!

That’s Incredible!

Plus, it’s Shock Proof and Water Resistant.

And you can even Increase the Levels of Impulses (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)…

Wrist Relief Band Has 5 Levels Of Intensity

It’s Clinically PROVEN, Fast Acting, SAFE and Easy to Use!

Plus, the Batteries are Easy to Change as well.

Simply Awesome!


Does it Work?

It seems so…

Read some Real Amazon Reviews about the Product below…

Reliefband Motion Sickness Review 1

Reliefband Motion Sickness Review 2

Reliefband Motion Sickness Review 3

Reliefband Motion Sickness Review 4

Reliefband Motion Sickness Review 5

I’m highly Impressed!

No More Dramamine.


(I always Hate Taking Any Kind of Drugs)

With a Comfortable and Adjustable Strap, this Relief Band is Designed for Continuous Use, and it has NO SIDE EFFECTS!

(Like Sedation, Dry Mouth, Constipation)

Plus, it’s Perfect for Pilots, Travelers, Fisherman, and even Video Gamers (Yes those First Person Shooter Games do make you Nauseous.

First Person Shooter Games


Batteries last for 140 Hours (Takes 2 Lithium CR2025 Cells), and they come already Installed!

What’s even Cool, is the fact that you can Strap this on AFTER you’re already Nauseous and it Starts to Work in Minutes!

What a Cure!

You’ll never Experience Motion Sickness Again!


Hello Coasters…

Hello Rollercoasters

Buy your ReliefBand HERE at Amazon!

And get yourself MOVING!

Cheers! :)

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  1. Richard ~ Yes, it works. I can attest to that personally. I used to get SOOOOO sick when traveling when I was a small child, especially on any road that wasn’t straight and flat, that I would have to get in the back seat of the car and lay down. I remember (barely) my grandmother taking me from Hampton, in the southeast coastal area of Virginia, to Richmond when I was about 4 or 5, on the train, (which used to be much more common than it is now since the interstate system was built) at Christmas time to see all the Christmas decorations, and shop and go to “The Tea Room” at one of the bigger department stores for lunch. I got my picture taken sitting on Santa’s lap too, which my mother still has, I’m sure.
    I’m pretty sure I got there OK, but she had to take me OFF THE TRAIN at Williamsburg on the way back, and call my mom and dad to come and get us and drive us home, because I was so sick on the train, I couldn’t stop throwing up and crying! It was a total nightmare.
    Even after growing UP, I have never been able to ride anything more challenging than a Ferris Wheel at the parks and festivals, and it’s ruined a few dates too, when I let our friends talk me into “just giving it a try!” At best I would turn completely green, and be nauseous and dizzy for sometime afterward, and I’ll leave the “at worst” part up to your imagination!
    Anyway, after I was a 30-some year old mother of two teenagers, I went back to school to become a Surgical Technologist. I started one job in the early 2000’s working in an Outpatient Surgery Center, and low and behold, what did I find in the supply room? Wrist bands very much like this to use for patients who have issues with post-op nausea! I was extremely skeptical myself, but when I found out that a couple of our nurses had purchased them directly from the Surgery Center to use on either themselves or on family members for motion sickness, I asked them about it, and they all swore by them. No more sleepiness from Dramamine ruining the sightseeing portions of the trips, and just no more drugs in general. So, I got one. Because I STILL get motion sickness on the “wrong” kinds of roads, and it means my husband and I have missed out on some gorgeous scenery on our many trips together, because we have always had to plan them to go around the roads that go on those areas.
    But since I have had the band we have been able to go wherever we want and do whatever we like and see everything we’ve been missing, because the band has taken care of the nausea every single time. With a long history of motion sickness like I have had, to find something so simple that works so well is truly a godsend.
    The gel that comes with the device is needed just as the gel that’s implanted into EKG pads and the gel that’s used for Ultrasonic examinations, because it increases the contact that the device has with the skin. It creates a “pathway” that lets the signal go from the device through your skin, and as someone else said in their review of it, other substances, like lotion, or even ChapStick, can be utilized if the gel is not available as long as it keeps “the pathway” open between the body and the device.
    It’s like standing in water significantly increases the amount of electric shock you receive from an open electric circuit, versus being on dry ground. It’s the moisture that does the trick in letting the electric signal get from point A to point B. And since gel doesn’t dry out as quickly as a thinner substance does, that makes it the preferred substance to use for this purpose.
    And our patients, without exception, were delighted with their results too! And for people who know they are going to wake up with nausea and vomiting (or, in medical lingo,”N&V”) it’s a pleasant surprise to wake up without any of it because they have a new “bracelet” on their wrist! The anesthesiologist would put one on the wrist of patients who had a history of it before they ever became conscious, so it wasn’t a matter of a psychological “cure” because they knew nothing about it, didn’t expect to find it there, and it worked anyway! Especially in the case of tonsillectomy or other throat surgery, or abdominal surgery where straining stitches by vomiting is a BIG NO-NO, it really worked wonders.
    So, yes, I’d say this is one device that has proved its usefulness and effectiveness over and over again.

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