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You Bought the Loose Diamond Now What

Many guys spend weeks on end picking out the perfect Loose Diamond (Certified of course).

They purchase the stone and then are left holding an envelope with a loose Diamond in it and a Laminated Diamond Report (hopefully GIA).

Now What?

What do you do once you buy the stone?

Do you just give her the loose Diamond during your proposal?

Here you go!

Give her the Loose Diamond?

Or, do you choose to have it put into a mounting?

And then, if you decide to have the Diamond set, which mounting do you choose?

There are literally millions of different designs, styles, metals and mountings to choose from.

Where do you even begin?

This is where I come in… I’m here to help!

In order to begin, you must first decide if you want the Diamond set or not. Personally, I say have it set into a mounting. Handing your girl a loose stone is not very romantic.

Although I’m sure she’ll love getting a Diamond, it’s not very easy showing it off to family and friends. Plus, loose stones can get lost or damaged pretty easily!

So I always recommend having the Diamond set.

What Mounting do you choose?

There’s the Classic Tiffany Style Ring, Pave’ Mountings, Invisible Settings, Channel Sets, Custom Designs, and tons more (See More Here at James Allen).

See image below…

Engagement Ring Styles

If you guys have been talking about getting married, I’m sure she’s dropped some hints as to what she likes or even may have pointed out some rings in a magazine or at the local Jewelry Store.

Girls love to Diamond shop and look at Engagement Rings all the time. They dream of the day that they’ll get one of these beautiful works of nature. It’s like a fairy tale come true.

If you’ve done your homework, or paid attention, you’ll probably have at least some ideas of her likes and dislikes. Things like:

  • Metal Color (Yellow, White, Two-Tone)
  • Metal Choice (Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum)
  • Ring Width (Thin, Thick, Abstract)
  • Ring Height (Set up high, or low Profile)

These few pointers will at least help steer you in the right direction.

Popular Mountings

One of the most popular choices for settings these days is the stylish Pave’ Set Diamond Mountings. This is where the smaller side Diamonds are held into place with small beads or prongs. The look is dazzling and impressive.

See image below…

Pave Engagement Ring Styles

Pave’ Mountings is also one of my favorite looks (in White Gold of course). Pave is simple, classy, elegant, modern and stunning all at the same time.

My other favorite Mounting?

Classic Tiffany Style Ring

The Classic Tiffany Style Ring is a thin band (around 2.5mm wide – designed originally by Tiffany & Co.) that shows off a Diamond Solitaire better than any other mounting.

It highlights a stone well!

Plus, there are many variations of this classic style, but with curved edges, thicker bands, contoured sides and even comfort fit rings. Take a look at the variety below…

Tiffany Engagement Ring Styles

Some mountings don’t show a Diamond off so well. Some actually hide or cover up big portions of the stone and make the stone look smaller (not cool). Mountings like: Bezel Settings, Tension Settings, Channel Settings… they look cool and modern, and also protect the stone well, but tend to block light from entering the stone. I prefer the classic Tiffany and Pave Styles The Best. :)

Don’t Know What Ring She’d Like?

Unless you know 90% of what she wants in a ring, I would probably say go simple. Nothing heavy, thick or gaudy.

One of the things you want in a ring is to make the center Diamond stand out. You don’t want it to get lost in the Mounting.

So if you’re questioning the ring, and don’t know what she’d like… Don’t Fret!

The last thing you want her to do is act like she loves her Engagement Ring, when secretly, she hates it!!! Simple is The Best!

Go for the Classic Tiffany Style ring and have her pick out what mounting she’d like after she gets it.

This Really is the Ideal Scenario!

You won’t spend an arm and a leg for the mounting (you can put more money into the actual Diamond). And she’ll be happy because she’ll have the fun of picking out her dream mounting

Without Ruining the Surprise!

It’s a Win-Win Situation!

She’ll be able to show all her relatives her Engagement Ring, and still be able to ring shop! :)

Everyone is Happy!

What’s Her Ring Size?

If you don’t know her exact ring size, leave it the default size (which is usually a 6-7).

That way she can have it sized properly to fit afterwards, or she can have the Diamond swapped out into a new mounting she chooses.

It’s the Best Advice I could give you!

Trust me, you don’t want to accidentally tip her off and ruin this all important occasion.

If you don’t know, buy the Diamond (Buy Online from James Allen), have it set in a Tiffany Mounting, and then work on the coolest proposal possible.

P.S. And don’t forget to Video the Response! :)

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