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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

You Cant See Hearts And Arrows In Diamonds

Hearts and Arrows

The most perfectly cut diamonds in the world.

Hearts and Arrows” refers to the patterns created inside of a diamond when it’s cut to perfection. They go by different trade names in the market, like; Hearts on Fire, True Hearts, Astor Cut

They are all extremely well proportioned diamonds that display an unlimited amount of dazzle, brilliance and fire. And, this sparkle also helps all of the other diamond attributes look better as well. It makes a diamond look bigger, brighter, and even whiter.

They are unbelievable stunning, and worth every penny.

It’s the one 4C that you should never skimp on.

It’s all about the cut!

So, with cut being the most important factor of diamonds, and Hearts and Arrows being the ultimate goal, then why can’t you see them?

It’s true! If you look at these diamond with the bare eye, you won’t be able to see the lovely hearts or arrows patterns. I have a perfectly cut diamond stud in my ear, I can’t see any of the patterning.

The pattern talked about is arrows from a top view (looking straight down into the table), and hearts from the bottom view (looking through the pointed base of the pavilion).

Hearts And Arrows True Hearts Diamonds

Look at the True Hearts Diamonds above…

You may think you see the arrows patterns (from this top view), but that’s not exactly true. These are closeup images taken (20x magnification) that don’t represent what the real patterns look like. Sure you see light bouncing off the facets, but you also see all the other shadows and patterns, they’re not consistent. To see the real beauty, you’ll need to block out the light, and position the diamond perfectly centered in a special hearts and arrows gem scope.

Like the one shown below:

Special Hearts And Arrows Diamond Gem Scope

This is the only way you’ll really see the true patterns of a perfectly cut diamond.

Which also means, you’ll never see them again apart from the day you bought the diamond.

This is because you probably won’t have a hearts and arrows gem scope, and you probably won’t have the diamond loose either.

Once the diamond is set in a ring, your fiancée will never even know they exist (unless you buy her a gem scope, or the jeweler gives you one with your purchase).

Plus, even with a gem scope, you’ll only see partial arrows from the top view (the prongs and mounting will cover them up), and you won’t be able to see the hearts at all (the pavilion is hidden in the mounting; you can’t flip it upside down to see…)

So if you can’t view them, then why buy them?

Easy… Hearts and Arrows are not the objective when you buy these stones.


Hearts and Arrows outshine every other diamond you put them up against. They have way more sparkle, brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

That’s what makes these diamonds so beautiful, the patterns inside.

It’s the life of a diamond.

And the better the cut, the better the bling.

This is why I highly recommend them. Above anything else… It doesn’t matter what the clarity is. It doesn’t matter what the color or carat weight is… It’s cut. Ideal cut hearts and arrows. It’s something you’ll fall in love with. They will take your breath away.

Check out these perfectly cut ideal diamonds here:

And yes, do buy yourself a viewer, for you can still see some of the cool arrows. The hearts will have to be something you feel. :)

But you will see the sparkle.


Cheers! :)

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