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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

You Engrave Your Ring You Can't Return It

How Do I Love Thee…

Thinking about having a Witty Message Engraved in your Fiancee’s Engagement Ring to Surprise her?

Something Fun and Cute like: “My Pookie-Bear” or “You had me at Hello“…

Well Think Again!!!

While it may be a Wonderful Gesture, a Beautiful message filled with Deep Love, it could also be a Very Costly Mistake!

If for some Reason, any Reason, she doesn’t like the Ring you picked out for her, or for some Reason she says “NO“, Guess What?

You’re Stuck with it!

Many companies won’t take back an item that’s been Engraved. You Personalized it… It’s YOURS!

That Expensive Piece of Jewelry now Belongs to you for Life.

So before you SURPRISE your Girl with a Lovely Diamond Ring, read the company’s Return Policy. Many companies clearly state that if a Ring is Engraved, it can’t be Returned.

But, Engraving is not the only reason why companies or corporations might Reject a Ring Return…

You can’t Return a Ring if…

Just having a Ring Sized could be Reason for Rejecting a Return.

Any Custom Designed piece could also Qualify.

Even Class Rings or Mother’s Rings are yours to keep. Anything that you Personalize or Special Order in, could be yours Forever.

Not to Mention Things like:

Special Sales, Blue Tag Deals, Clearance Items, even Seasonal Discounts could count as “All Sales Final“.

So before you Leap on a Deal, a Ring, or a “My Little Pookie Bear“, Check the Return Policy. Before you Engrave, Size or Special Order… Ask what their Return Policy is (if they have one).

Some companies WILL say “No Problem!” Some WILL take them back.

Some companies may even Charge you for a Restocking and Polishing Fee.

Find Out!

A little Detail like this could Save you a Lot of Money in the Future (and a lot of Headaches too).

How LONG is their Return Policy?

Also check to see how long their Return Policy goes. It could be just a Couple of Days, it could be Weeks or Months. Each Jeweler and Company handles Returns Differently. See what the Details are before you Dive into that Purchase.


This could also be good for Watch Sizings! If you Size a Watch Band to Fit your Skinny Wrist, it may be yours to keep. Or if you Accidentally Scratch the Band, you may Not be able to Return it. Which means, if you don’t like it, don’t Try it on or Wear it around.

Ask Questions

Find out Before Hand.

Pookie Bear will Appreciate it! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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