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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

You're Comparing Diamonds Wrong


Think you know how to Compare Diamonds and Prices?


Chances are you’re WRONG!

And I know this because I see it Every Single Day…

A Couple comes into the Store to Shop and Compare Diamonds. They’ve been all over town and know EXACTLY what they want.

Or So They Think!

They walk up to me and say “I’d Like to see a 1 Carat Certified Diamond, I1, E, Please!

I Go Get One.

They look at the Stone and then look at the Price, and that’s how they Compare Diamonds!

It’s all Very, Very Wrong!

To Prove this Point, let me show you Two Diamonds…

Both 1.00 Carats, Both Certified, Both I1 Clarity, and Both E Color Diamonds…

1.01, I1, E, CERTIFIED $3,210 VIEW
1.03, I1, E, CERTIFIED $5,090 VIEW

See the Difference in Price?

Just a Couple Thousand. Right?

Crazy eh?

You Can’t Compare Diamonds this way. Why? Because you’re only Comparing 3 Things:

Color, Clarity, and Price

And if you Compare this way, you’re Missing the Boat!

For to Truly Compare Diamonds, you need to Compare EVERYTHING!

Because Color and Clarity are just a Small Portion of what makes a Diamond Beautiful. In fact, there are way more Important Aspects to Consider…

Things Like:

  • Cut
  • Certification
  • Fluorescence

So let’s Dive in and take a Closer look at these Hot Topics


Cut is Hands Down, the Most Important Feature to Compare in Diamonds. For Cut is what Makes a Diamond SPARKLE!

If a Diamond is Cut to Ideal Standards (Excellent), it will make a Diamond Sparkle like Crazy!

But if a Diamond is Cut Poorly, then it can make a Diamond look Dull, Dark, and Lifeless!

Not Very Pretty!

The only 2 Cut Grades that I would ever Recommend Buying are: “Excellent“, and “Very Good“.

(And Really, I lean more towards “EXCELLENT”!)

An Excellent Cut, with an Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry, is the Best Cut you can get in the World. Nothing Beats it!

Triple Excellent Cut

If a Diamond is “Triple Excellent Cut“, then it will Show right on the GIA Diamond Report as such…

Triple Excellent Grades On A GIA Diamond Report

Look for “Excellent” Grades, that’s what you MUST Compare!


Certification Matters!

Just because a Diamond is Certified, doesn’t mean it’s Accurate or Good.

There are Thousands of Companies (Big and Small) that will “Certify” a Stone (which is Drawing up a Diamond Report).

But Most Companies are Lax (Not as Strict), Swayed by the “Value” of the Stone, Add in Extra Grades that aren’t Recognized by the Industry, and even Graded “In House“, meaning their Store is Grading the Stones, not an Outside Independent Institute.

That’s why I Recommend only TWO Diamond Grading Companies: GIA and AGS.


If you want the Best, Most Accurate and Strict Report there is, stick with GIA, the Company that Wrote the Book on Diamond Grading and Devised the 4C’s Grading System.

Because EGL and IGI (like the Cheaper Diamond above), are not even in the same League.

GIA And AGS Diamond Reports


Fluorescence is often Overlooked and Never Mentioned in Stores. That’s sad, because it can really Change the Entire Way a Diamond Appears.

Fluorescence is a Natural Phenomenon that can make the Diamond react Differently in Different Lighting Atmospheres.

It can make a High Quality (High Color, Clarity and Cut) Diamond look Milky, Foggy, and Spakleless.

It’s a Sad Lesson to Learn

And if you Paid Good Bucks for a Stone like this, thinking you were Buying the BEST Diamond you possibly could, and it ended up looking Hazy and Weird, then you’ve Learned the Hard Way!


You Forgot to Check Fluorescence on the Diamond Report.

Now, I will say that NOT EVERY DIAMOND with Fluorescence will look Odd. Some have Fluorescence and look Fine. But Generally, it’s Wise to Stay away from them (even though they do make the Diamond Cheaper).

Plus, when the Lights go Out, Diamonds with Fluorescence do something really, really Crazy

They Glow in the Dark!

Actually, they Glow under UV Light to be Exact (like this Black Light).

So Check the Report for Fluorescence…

Fluorescence On A GIA Diamond Report

It’s Cool to see, but not if it makes your Diamond look like Crap! :)

Now you Know…

Now you can Understand why there’s a $2,000 Difference between the Two Stones above. The Cheaper Stone is Cut “Good“, has Faint Fluorescence, and is Grade by IGI. The Better, More Expensive Stone has a “Very Good” Cut, No Fluorescence, and is Grade by GIA.

It really makes a Difference!

Shopping and Comparing Diamonds

So when you’re out Shopping and Comparing Stones, make sure you are Comparing ALL these Factors:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight
  • Certification
  • Fluorescence

By Comparing all 6 items, that’s the only way you’ll truly see who has the Better Diamond and the Better Deal!

And a Good Place to Start is James Allen.

James Allen

I Like James Allen a lot, because they have a Vast Inventory, their Prices are LOW, and their Guarantees are Outstanding.

They not only allow you to Compare every Aspect of a Diamond (Including Depth and Table Percentages), but they show you the REAL Diamond, Magnified at 10x Power Before you Buy it!

That’s Cool!

Compare Diamonds TODAY!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

Top Diamond Vendors:

James Allen

James Allen

James Allen is a leader in diamonds. Their real time interactive diamond inspection is the best in the industry. View and rotate any diamond under 20x magnification. Their prices, selection, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and hassle free returns are unbeatable. Visit James Allen today.

James Allen

Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the largest and most well known respected diamond dealer online. They are highly trusted, have a huge inventory, and low low prices (compare anywhere and see for yourself). If you want to save money, or build your own ring, this is the place to shop. Visit Blue Nile today.

Blue Nile

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