Diamonds Lost Sparkle Don't Shine anymore

You look down at your Diamond Engagement Ring and frown. It just doesn’t look like it used to.

You remember how beautiful it was the day you put it on. You practically needed sunglasses it shined so bright.

Now it seems the life has gone out of it. It’s dull, cloudy, and no matter how much you clean it, it just isn’t the same. What happened? Why do Diamonds lose their shine and sparkle?


Well hang on to your seat, Don’t Trade In that Diamond yet, there’s still hope for that Diamond Ring yet!

All it needs is a little TLC. (Not to mention a really good cleaning!) I know, I know, you’ve cleaned it. You clean it all the time. Nothing makes it shine anymore. Well obviously, the way you’re cleaning it, it’s just not good enough!

Maybe it’s time to invest in a Jewelry Cleaner!

You see, Diamonds collect dust and dirt and lotions and food and baby spit and diaper goo. (what ever that may be) Over time this slime coats the bottom of your Diamond like a hard shell. So it’s time for a…

Professional Cleaning

Trust me, when it builds up over years, to the point that your Diamonds look dull and cloudy, then it’s going to take a Professional Cleaning to chip away at that debris. Sometimes it takes hours to soak and agitate enough in the cleaner just to loosen the layer of gunk.

I’ve seen Diamonds go without a bath for years. That junk is practically welded on to your Diamond. No wonder it doesn’t shine anymore.

I’ve seen Jewelers have to actually torch the rings just to burn the coating off. You’d be surprised at how years of build up reacts. It’s like paint on a wall, you have to scrub it and use cleaners and polishers to get down to the bottom layer.

Brand new again

Eventually, I guarantee it, your Diamonds will look brand new again.

Diamonds don’t ever dull up!

They don’t wear down. You really can’t even scratch them. They will look beautiful forever and ever as long as you keep it clean.

It’s that simple.

Clean them once a week. Clean the bottom of the Diamonds well. Clean all the cracks and crevices. Have your local Jeweler professionally clean them and steam them. Clean rings last longer. The gold stays durable and won’t tarnish. Plus your fingers won’t break out in a rash.

If you want your Diamonds to sparkle…

Keep them Sparkling Clean!

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