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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

120 VVS2 D or 164 VS2 E Diamond Choice

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I absolutely LOVE your site! I’ve learned so, so much.

I’m considering Purchasing between 2 Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co GIA Certified Solitaires both Dated 1989.

I’ve been trying to find Cuts close to 60/60 and these are the Best that I have found:

Diamond 1)

  • Carat Weight – 1.64 Ct
  • Clarity – VS2
  • Color – E
  • Depth – 60.3
  • Table – 62.164
  • Girdle – Thin
  • Polish/Symmetry – Very Good

Diamond 2)

  • Carat Weight – 1.20 Ct
  • Clarity – VVS2
  • Color – D
  • Depth – 59.3
  • Table – 59
  • Girdle – Medium
  • Polish/Symmetry – Very Good

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Collette

1.20 VVS2 D or 1.64 VS2 E Diamond Choice?


Hi Collette.

This is a Toughy! I would think Based upon the Information that they are probably close to the Same Price. One is Bigger, but having a Slightly Lower Clarity and Color than the other.

Both Diamonds are Awesome and within a Percent or two of being Ideal. I’ve never seen a Diamond hit 60/60 on the dot, so to get this close to it is Awesome and nothing that you would ever see with the naked eye.

The only thing that concerns me slightly is the Girdle on the Larger Stone. I like a Medium Girdle just because it’s more Durable and won’t Chip or Nick like a Thin or Very Thin Girdle would. But then with a Cut close to Ideal, I don’t think a Thin Girdle will be an Issue here (we’re not talking about Spread or Shallow Stones).

You can’t Lose with either Stone. Both Diamonds are Pure White and Both have Inclusions so Small you’d need a Microscope to see.

Putting the two side by side I would think they would look Pretty Identical in both Sparkle and Brilliance. So I say, go with the Bigger Stone. The Color and Clarity are still Top Notch and Awesome, and being able to Memorize the couple of Small Pin Points in the Diamond is Good Identification on your part. A VVS Diamond will be Very Hard to Spot anything inside it, which also means it will be Tough to look in a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe and know that it’s your Stone.

Go with the VS. You get a much Bigger Stone and with it being GIA, you can’t ever go Wrong!

Here are some Examples of Stones similar in Quality and Price…

1.64 CT, VS2, E, IDEAL, GIA $24,300 VIEW
1.22 CT, VVS2, D, PREMIUM, GIA $22,130 VIEW



Hi Richard.

I’m taking your Advise for Sure!

Can’t thank you enough for the Invaluable Information on your Site.

Your Advise and time is Very Much Appreciated.

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