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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

5 Best Ways To Save Money On Diamonds

Saving money on Diamonds and Engagement Rings can be difficult unless you know what to look for.

That’s why I wrote an entire book about it called 101 Ways to Save Money on Diamonds.

After all, who doesn’t want to save money?

Diamonds are expensive, and being able to save 20, 30, even 50% off can be a huge life saver.

So today, I thought that I’d show you 5 ways (of the 101) to keep your hard earned cash in the bank, and get your Diamond Engagement Ring for LESS MONEY than you could have ever imagined.

5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Help you Save. Enjoy!

1) Keep the Mounting Simple!

I always advise guys into buying the Classic Tiffany Style Mounting, which is just a plain thin band. Since there are no Diamonds down the side, it is the simplest and most cost effective mounting ever made.

If you must have Diamonds in the mounting, keep them small and dainty (like in a Halo Mounting). This will also keep the cost down! You’d be surprised at how much a mounting costs without a center stone (which is the real bread and butter). Some mountings can run you THOUSANDS alone! Where as a Tiffany Mounting might be closer to $300.

Your choice!

2) Buy Light Carats!

Light Carat Weights are Carat Weights that are slightly below the mark.

Instead of purchasing a 1 Carat Diamond, buy a 93 Point Diamond instead!

Same with a Half Carat. Don’t buy 50 Points, buy 44 instead.

Buying SHY can really Save you Some Money.

Compare these two stones that are identical in every way except for Carat Weight…

.71, SI2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $2,710 VIEW
.77, SI2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $3,830 VIEW

You see, the slightly smaller stone (smaller by only 6 Points) saves you BIG Bucks! ($1100) That’s insane to think about.

AND, the really great thing here is: The Diamonds will look the same size!

Your eyes can’t detect the difference between a few points, but your pocket book will. :)

3) Buy Total Weights!

If you want to buy her a One Carat Diamond, break the stones up!

Instead of getting her 1 Diamond with a Carat Weight of 1.00 Carat, buy her 5 Smaller Diamonds that add up, or total 1.00 Carat Weight.

A 1.00 Carat Diamond Solitaire could run you $6,000. But a Diamond Ring with multiple Diamonds that total 1 Full Carat could cost you as little as $3,000.

That’s like buying it Half Off!

4) Buy Fancy Shapes!

Skip the Round Stone, it’s the most ExpensiveCut there is.

Instead, opt for Fancy Cuts like the Princess Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut and Cushion Cut. You’ll see a drastic drop in price for the same Quality and Carat Weight.

Don’t believe me?

Check these prices out…

1.00, VS2, G, IDEAL, GIA, ROUND $8,180 VIEW
1.01, VS2, G, IDEAL, GIA, PRINCESS $5,470 VIEW
1.03, VS2, G, IDEAL, GIA, EMERALD $5,070 VIEW
1.01, VS2, G, IDEAL, GIA, SQUARE $5,050 VIEW
1.02, VS2, G, IDEAL, GIA, CUSHION $4,810 VIEW

See what a difference it makes if you just think outside of the round? ;)


5) Don’t Ask What She Wants!


If you ask, she’ll tell you (which also ruins the surprise) and then it’s really going to cost you some dough.

It’s true in most cases.

Because if she tells you she wants a “2 Carat, Flawless Diamond, with D Color in a Platinum Mounting“, then you’re going to feel pretty obligated to fulfil her wishes and buy her exactly what she wants.

And, in this particular case, that could run you $20,000.



Instead, just buy her something pretty, something cute, something sparkly, and most importantly, something affordable in your BUDGET and price range!

And if you pay with “CASH” (not Credit card or Financing) then you may have even more leverage and leeway to get yourself a better deal.

Jewelers love cash and may make you an offer you can’t refuse…

“$2,000 CASH out the door!”

Now, all you have to do is to get her to say “I DO“.

Good luck! :)

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5 Best Ways to Save Money on Diamonds!

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