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Bigger Diamond have More Color

More color?

Here’s something you may not know

The bigger the diamond carat weight, the more color (usually yellow) you can see in the diamond.

That’s because you can see more of the diamond’s mass.

Picture a window with a light yellow tint to it. That tint may not be that noticeable at first. But if you place another light yellow tinted window over it, the layers double and the color gets more vibrant.

Placing more tint allows you to see a stronger yellow hue.

This is what happens to diamonds. The thickness of larger diamonds actually distributes a stronger color.

You can look at a .25 carat diamond with J color and it can basically look white. But viewing a 1.00 carat diamond with J color can actually look faint yellow (see image).

The more diamond body you see…

The more the color becomes obvious.

Think about this when you’re out looking at diamonds. What works fine for smaller stones, may not look so hot once you get into larger ones (the same goes with clarity).

Usually you’ll have to upgrade and get a better color, like G-H or higher, just to get rid of that not-so-desirable color.

Diamond color of G-H and higher will do a much better job at masking color than diamonds lower down the color chart.

The same is true when it comes to matching diamonds in a wedding set. If you have a ring that has I-J diamond color as the side stones, you’ll probably want to get a G-H color in the center just so they’ll match better and look good together.

Bigger diamonds have bigger color.

If you looked at a 2.00 carat diamond with J color, you’ll really see the yellow in the stone.

So if you’re thinking about buying a big diamond, make sure you buy a better color as well, otherwise you may be seeing yellow.

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Those diamonds are big and beautiful.

Cheers! :)

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