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Broken Diamond Value

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I recently broke a .5 Carat long baguette on my ring (it broke almost perfectly in half, shortwise, not lengthwise). My jeweler tells me that once it’s broken, it’s Worthless “Not One Penny“, it will just go “into the Trash“. Yet, it will cost $865 to replace and install. Something isn’t adding up here… Am I getting ripped off or mislead?

Broken Baguette Diamond Value


Hi Catherine.

To me it doesn’t sound like he’s ripping you off.

Baguettes are long skinny Diamonds that are also pretty narrow. Once they crack or break in half, the only thing that could be done with them is either repolishing the two halves into two smaller Baguettes (which could get very costly and probably not worth it), or just throw them away like he said. I tend to believe that’s the case.

The amount he’s charging does seem a little high to me though. But it all depends on the size of the Diamond, Quality, and also the amount of work it will take to reset one. The Baguette you have may also be hard to match. He may have to order one in… It’s hard to tell.

This is what I would do. Take your ring to a couple of different Jewelers and get different opinions about price. I’m sure they will all tell you it does need to be replaced, but I have a feeling you may find some better deals.

Good luck!


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