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How to Change the Day Date On Watches

Everyday someone brings in their Watch because their Watch is set WRONG!

People get frustrated and don’t know how to change it.

It’s always Off!

Either the Date changes at Noon instead of Midnight, or the Day is off, or the Language is in Spanish! (Like in the picture, Lun, short for Lunes, is Spanish for Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are: Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado and Domingo! So if you see those, you’re seeing Spanish!)

Don’t fret…

It’s Easier to Fix than you think!

The good thing is, changing the Date and setting the Day is EASY! All it takes is a couple of pulls and a couple of twists and you’ll be good to go!

It’s all in the Stem!

The Stem of your Watch is that little Ridged Knob on the Side of your Watch Face. If you pull the Stem out all the way, you can spin it and it will spin the Minute Hands and Hour Hands so you can set the Time on your Watch. Most people already know this…

So if you know that much, you’re on the right track.

The funny thing is:

You pulled Too Hard!

You see, on Watches that have a Day and a Date, the Stem has a dual purpose. It controls the Settings!

So to change the Day and Date of your Watch, slowly pull the Stem out…

(Do note that if you have a Waterproof Watch, you’ll need to unscrew the Stem counter-clockwise first, which is towards you, until it unlocks, then you can pull the Stem out!)

One Snap Two

But this is where you need to go slow. If you pull it out slowly you should Hear one Snap. (It stops on the First Notch) If you pull the Stem out all the way, it Snaps Twice and ends up on the Second Notch. (See picture below) The Second Notch, or all the way out, is where the Stem needs to be to set the Time.

Day Date Changed on Watch

The First Notch, First Snap, is the Secret!

The key to setting the Day and Date is the First Notch, or First Snap.

In the First Notch Position, you’ll see that if you spin the Crown one way, it will change the Day. Spin it in the Opposite Direction and it changes the Date!

English or Spanish?

Do keep in mind that you may have to spin the Day and Date a couple rotations because it most likely will Alternate between English and Spanish. Just pick the Correct Language for you and it’s done! When the Day and Date are set, push the Stem in all the way and enjoy your Watch!

If you still have the problem with your Watch changing Dates at Noon instead of Midnight, that just means you’re on the wrong 12 hr cycle. (It’s set for Twelve at Night instead of Twelve at Noon) All you need to do is pull the Stem all the way out, (Second Notch) and Spin the Minute and Hour hands ahead 12 hours. If it’s Twelve O’Clock, spin it ahead until it’s Twelve O’Clock again. Doing that will put the Watch on the Correct 12 Hour Cycle.

Granted, you may have to reset your Day and Date again since you just advanced it, but at least you’ll be in the correct Time Zone!

Happy Spinning!


  1. Diddent help at all

  2. Many thanks for first class help, my sekonda watch now tells the correct time and date matches the day yippie one happy chappie pity the shop where I bought it could not set it correct in the first place lol regards Charlie

  3. THANK YOU! it helped and only took me 2 seconds to do it plus helpful hints!

  4. Thanks a lot… Really helpful… My wrist watch is up-to-date now… :)

  5. That was great advice. I now have a watch with the correct date to match the day.

  6. Is it normal to see the day displayed in the wrong language for about 20 min after midnight?

    • Hi Michael. Good question. I have seen this happen on plenty of different watches and brands (I see it when I’m setting the time after a battery change), so it must just be the way that the gears are joined together and rotate around in incriments, one after another. I wouldn’t worry about it much, not a lot of people are up at midnight to actually see it anyway. :) -Richard

  7. Thanks Richard,

    That was my logical assumption too, but this is my first watch featuring more than a date display and I was hoping to get an experienced response. If other brands have been observed with lag before the correct language rolls over, then that’s likely the case with my Seiko.

  8. I have my father’s Citizen mechanical automatic watch but there is only one notch on the winder which advances the hands and changes day & date after passing midnight. Good, Now how do I change the day or date separately ?


  9. Thanks very much, you have of great help to me. It was pounding my head for the past 3 days.

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