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Chipped Baguette Diamond Question

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I have a 1 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring with four Tapered Baguettes, two either side on the shoulder. One of the Baguettes has a Chip on the edge. It’s very small and you can only see it when magnified. The Jeweler said I need to replace it.

Can I just have it polished out, or re-set more into the recess of the main ring?

Many thanks, Natalie

Chipped Baguette Diamond in Ring


Hi Natalie.

The tapered Baguettes in your ring are probably pretty small. Baguettes don’t normally come in large Carat Weights. Polishing them and recutting them would probably cost more than the Diamonds are worth, so I would scratch that idea.

Now, if the chip is that small that you need a magnifying glass to see it, the only reason that the Jeweler would want you to swap it out would be to sell you another Diamond. If the chip were bigger or more obvious, then I would advise having it done just for visual purposes and the fact that big chips can chip again easily. Any Diamond that has a chip in it is more vulnerable if hit in the same spot. But, that could be a long while down the road. It could be years or even decades if it ever happens again. So I say, why pay the money and have it replaced now if you can’t see the difference?

A lot of Diamonds have small chips on the Girdle and people still wear them. If and when your Diamond chips or breaks more, then I’d worry about it. In the meantime, just make sure your Ring and Diamonds are insured and it will cover loss or damage to your stones. That should protect you all around. :)

I wouldn’t worry about trying to recess your stones or setting them deeper into the mounting. That would alter the look and feel of the ring you fell in love with. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Leave it, wear it, have it cleaned and inspected a couple of times a year just to check up on the status of the stone. Chances are, it’ll be fine for many years to come.

Baguettes are a little bit more delicate than other Cuts of Diamond are, but nothing else gives you the same look and feel. Clean and Elegant are the only words that come to mind.

Hope this helps! :) -Richard

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