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Help Choosing Between A VS2 E Or A SI1 F Diamond

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



I have 2 Diamonds that I like, but Can’t Decide Between. The First One is 1.30 Carat, E Color, VS2, Clarity, Excellent Cut Diamond. The Second One is 1.70 Carat, F Color, SI1 Clarity, Good Cut Diamond. Both have GIA Certification, and the Price is at Same Range.
Which one I should go for?


Hi John.

What a Decision. Both Diamonds are a Great Choice. Obviously the Smaller Diamond (if you can call it Small) is the Better Quality, but to the Naked Eye, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between them. Especially since they are Both GIA Which is Excellent. Just Great Diamonds!

Most people can’t see any Visible Difference in VS2 and SI1 since they are Side by Side Clarities.

The Same with E & F Colors

Both Diamonds are Pure White Colors that Look Awesome. It would be Different if you were Comparing E to G, or VS2 to SI2, but that’s not the Case. The only Difference you may see if you really Scrutinize them well is the VS2 Diamond may have a Tad More Sparkle and Brilliance since it has a Better Cut. But that’s also a Very Tough thing to Judge since Both Stones are Pure White and Great Clarity and you will really have to Look Hard.

Do this:

Get Another Opinion

And not only Another Opinion, but a Female one!

(Not one of the Jewelry Store Employees)

Take a Female Friend (maybe one of her Best Friends) in with you to the Jewelry Store and show her Both Diamonds. Without telling her what the Qualities are, just Ask her if she sees any Differences other than Size between them. Chances are she Won’t, and it may Help you Decide. Plus it’ll show you how Nuts Girls go over Large Diamonds!

Then the only other thing that would hold you back is Quality itself.

Some Guys just want to get the Top of the Line because they Want the Best and nothing else. If you are one of those Guys then you’ll probably lean towards the VS2. Others will always get a Smaller Diamond that’s Better Quality.

All in All, VS2, E is Very Impressive!

But I’ll tell you, because both Stones are GIA Certified, then that SI1 Diamond should look Better than most SI1 Diamonds on the Market. GIA SI1 Clarity Diamonds look like other places VS2 Diamonds. They are Very Strict with their Grading and will Truly Make Sure the Diamond you are Buying is at least an SI1 Clarity OR HIGHER!!!! And that’s a Good Thing to Know.

Good Luck with your Choice. She’ll Love either Diamond!

(And I Applaud you for Buying GIA!)


Hi! This is John again.

Thank you for your Kind Reply.

I did what you Advised, Brought a Female Friend to the Shop… and like you say… Bigger the Diamond, Bigger the Smile. :)

As the Result, I will take the Bigger one for my Girl.

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I’ll do my Best to Answer it! :)


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Cheers! :)

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