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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Buying A Diamond Ring From Ebay Question

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



I just Bought a Ring off Ebay for $85.00 and wanted to know if it was a Good Buy and if by Chance some one could give me a Guesstimate Price Value, as well…


14K Yellow Gold (Unsure of Weight) – Central Stone – Diamond 0.65 Carat, J Color, I2 Clarity. Side Stones – 0.47 Carat Total Weight, I-K Color, SI2 – I2 Clarity. – Total Diamond Weight – 1.12 Carats.

There is One Small Stone in the Setting that is Missing.

The Ring was on a Store Display (Never Worn, but One Stone Fell Out), I Attached Photos!

Ebay Ring Buying Question


Hi Julia.

This is a Tough Question because I don’t want to put Myself in a Position to Start Putting Values on Merchandise. That’s not my Expertise.

But, for the Price you Paid, $85 Sounds Pretty Cheap. $85 for any Ring is Pretty Cheap, Diamonds or not! Especially for 14kt Gold!

Do the Diamonds Sparkle?

Now the More Important Question you need to ask yourself is this: Do the Diamonds Sparkle? I2 Clarity is Very Low on the Clarity Chart. (Second to Last!) J Color is Not a Very High Color either (Lowest on the Near Colorless Grade). (And the Side Diamonds are Worse! K Color)

So the Quality is Not Great, but if the Diamonds Sparkle and you like them, that’s all that matters. It’s hard to tell from the Picture, but the Diamonds don’t look like they have a lot of Life in them. The Side Diamonds look Really Cloudy and Yellow, but like I said, it’s hard to tell from the Picture. It could just be the Camera Flash! Your Eyes will be the Final Judge. So while the Quality is Not High, the Price is Very Reasonable for what you got. .65 Carat is Not a Small Carat Weight, No Matter what the Clarity and Color is!

I would Question the Fact that it was Missing a Diamond in the Showcase. No Jewelers are going to have Rings in their Showcases Missing Diamonds, unless it is part of an Estate Sale (Pre-Owned) and the Merchandise is Sold “As Is“. But that’s Not a Big Issue, just one that would Raise Eyebrows and make me Question their Integrity.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line isn’t the Price, the Price is Good. The Question is Beauty! The Ebay Seller probably listed all the Clarity and Color fine, but one thing that’s Hard to Describe in Writing is How the Ring Looks! That’s Opinion! You didn’t get Ripped Off, but you may Not be Happy with the Sparkle and Shine! That’s something that you’ll have to Decide for yourself!

Hope you Enjoy the Site!


Thank You So Much. This Helps Me A Lot!

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I’ll do my Best to Answer it! :)


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Cheers! :)

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