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I am torn between two similar Quality Diamonds. Both are .90 Carat and are Colorless. Prices are very similar as well.

I am looking for the Diamond that will perform the best.

Which wil be the better Diamond to buy?

E Color, SI1 Clarity, Hearts & Arrow Cut ($5,020) or

F Color, VS1 Clarity, Hearts & Arrow Cut ($5,860)

I’ve learned a lot from your site and would really appreciate your advice!

Thanks, Aaron

Deciding Between Two Similar Diamonds


Hi Aaron.

I would go with the E Color, SI1 Clarity, Hearts & Arrow Cut ($5,020).

It has a better Color, but the Clarity difference between these two side by side Clarities is not something that you’ll likely notice when viewing, unless you view it under a 10x Microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe.

Save the money… Put the SI1 Clarity in a nice mounting and you’ll be very happy with it. :)


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