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How Much Will This Diamond Cost?

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I am going to buy a Diamond Ring as a Birthday Gift for myself. My budget is about $1,000. Today I found one ring which I like but I little know about the Color, Clarity or anything.

So can you please explain about this ring quality? I read this from the price tag which I don’t exactly know what all I need to see from the tag:

1 ct, 3 -Diamonds, H, I1-I2, the price is $1,300 + tax.

Can you tell if this is a good one, pricey or anything?

Secondly, do you have any suggestion about how to read the diamond quality from the price tag? I dont want to be cheated by the sellers if they know I dont know anything about it.

3. From my budget ($1,000) what diamond ring can I afford?

Thank you so much.


Hi Sita. I1-I2 is in the lowest Clarity Grade there is. Just by looking at the Diamonds you’ll be able to see Flaws and Inclusions like Black Spots and Clouds in the stone. I usually never recommend buying I Clarity Diamonds. Take a look at the Clarity Chart below…

I Clarity Diamond Chart

SI1 or SI2 are much better Diamonds that will give you more Sparkle and Brilliance.

H Color is fine, it’s still a Fine White Diamond and won’t look Yellow, Brown or Dark.

Sadly, for the Carat Weight of 1.00 ct, that is pretty much what you would expect to get as far as quality.

If you dropped the Carat Weight down to half of that (.50 Carat) you would be able to up the Clarity. Regardless, in Diamonds that size (probably less than .33 each) the Clarity may not be such a big issue. You may not see the Inclusions in them like you would a larger stone. Although they still may not have much Shine or Brilliance though. I would suggest to play it by eye and see if they look fine to you.

It really does come down to money and what you are willing to sacrifice: Carat Weight or Clarity. :)
You aren’t being cheated! You just need to read more about Diamonds and learn more about the 4C’s! :)

Examples of SI1 Clarity Diamonds with H Color are below:

SI1 H Diamonds

Example of SI2 Diamonds with H Color are here:
SI2 H Diamonds

Thanks again! Enjoy your ring.


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