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Will My Diamond Chip More?

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My Diamond is Chipped on the side, will the Chip get worse? It is a Round Diamond and the Chip has taken some of its Shape. My fiance bought the ring used, it’s a .90 Carat and we got it for $500, the ring and the diamond band.

I LOVE the ring and it’s better than any ring we could ever afford, I’m just afraid it will continue to Chip. Is there anything I can do to fix or at least prevent further damage? -Liz

Chipped Diamond Prevention


Hi Liz.

Yes, it is possible that your Diamond could Chip worse. But then again, any Diamond could Chip at anytime with the right amount of angle and force. Diamonds are very durable, but the weakest spot is around the Girdle, and especially a Chipped Girdle.

The one thing that I would recommend, besides being more careful, is to turn the Chip towards the middle of the ring (Not towards the top or bottom of your finger). Having a Jeweler put the chip towards the center of the mounting can help protect it.

Good luck!

P.S. Get it insured to cover replacing Chipped or Broken Diamonds, because in life, you just never know!


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