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Is My Diamond Cracked?

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I accidentally dropped my .36 CT, D Color, VS1 Clarity, Princess Cut Diamond Ring setting, size 16, Engagement Ring on tile floor. I checked the ring through the small lens (those jewel shops use to check on Diamonds), but I see no cracks from the side, but some feather like scratches, is it normal?

Does that mean my Diamond is not cracked?

Any help from the pros would be much appreciated!

Is my Diamond Cracked?


Hi Alicia.

Take your ring into a Jeweler and have them Microscope it to make sure.

Being a VS1 Diamond of that quality you should never see any Inclusions, Flaws, Cracks or Lines in the stone with your naked eye. Ever!

If it looks like there are feather like scratches, have a pro take a closer look and inspect everything. Just to be sure.



Thanks Richard.

I am also wondering if it is necessary to get the ring for appraised from GIA again since I dropped the ring?


Hi Alicia.

You will not have to get it reappraised. If by chance your Diamond was cracked, it would lower it’s resale value, but that is about it. Your appraisal would still do what it was meant to do, identify your Diamond.

If your stone is cracked, hopefully you have it insured so they would cover replacement. Only then would you really need a new appraisal.


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