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Many people think this…

They want to get an anniversary ring with the exact amount of diamonds per year they’re celebrating…

(You can’t blame them for trying)

For example, on an 8th wedding anniversary, they want 8 diamonds in the ring. Or 14th anniversary; 14 stones.

This sounds great, and sometimes it works out perfectly (lucky)…

But often that’s not the case

That’s not how rings are designed (unless you custom design one).

Most rings are created with style, rhythm, flow and design… not for an appropriate number of stones in mind.

For if it was your 27th anniversary, you’d have a difficult task of finding one ring with exactly 27 diamonds.

Most anniversary bands hold a certain amount of pre-set stones (usually odd amounts, like 5 stones, 9 stones, 11…)

Diamonds And Anniversary Bands

Eternity rings are different types of anniversary bands. With eternity rings the diamonds go all the way around the ring, in a never-ending row of diamonds (an eternity). The amount of diamonds and carat weight will vary depending on your ring size. A ring size 4.5 will only hold so many stones. Whereas a ring size 11 will hold a ton more.

Eternity Rings

All these styles are pretty common, smooth, sleek, balanced, and most can be worn up against your wedding rings (on the outside of your fingers-the wedding ring sits closest to the heart).

And bigger, wider, elaborate anniversary rings can hold much more diamonds, channels, prong-set stones, flush settings, baskets… as well as other gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald.

Like these anniversary rings here:

Modern Anniversary Rings

So it’s not the number of years that gets the exact amount of diamonds… But it’s usually (traditionally) the year itself that gets the grand prize. The actual year (like 3rd, 7th, 21st…) dictates what that appropriate gift will be.

For example, the 14th wedding anniversary is supposed to receive:

Ivory, Gold Jewelry, Watches, Agate, Alexandrite, Bloodstone, Orchid, Opal, Emerald, Daffodil.

(even though diamond really does work best for any anniversary year)

A short list of anniversary gift ideas is here:

1st Anniversary:

Paper, Clocks, Watches, Gold Jewelry, Opal, Cat’s Eye, Peridot, Chrysoberyl, Carnation, Orange Blossom, Fresh Water Pearls, Mother of Pearl.

5th Anniversary:

Wood, Silverware, Sapphire, Daisy, Spinel, Turquoise, Pansies, Pink Tourmaline.

10th Anniversary:

Tin, Aluminum, Diamond, Leather, Watches, Jewelry, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Onyx, Jade, Coral, Sweet Pea, Daffodil.

15th Anniversary:

Crystal, Watches, Diamond, Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet, Rose, Lily, Calla, Alexandrite.

20th Anniversary:

Platinum, China, Jade, Jewelry, Watches, Emerald, Aster, Yellow or Golden Diamond, Iris.

25th Anniversary:

Sterling Silver, Silver Jubilee, Yellow Rose, Tsavorite, Green Garnet, Iris.

50th Anniversary:

Golden Jubilee, Imperial/Golden Topaz, Yellow Roses, Violets, Red Rose.

(See the full anniversary gift list HERE)

So whether you decide on 11 diamonds, 45, 125, or just going with Alexandrite instead, it’s all about style, design and bling.

You can never go wrong with a ring ; the #1 gift for any anniversary, and you can never go wrong with diamonds.

Check out these beautiful anniversary rings here:

And do have yourself a happy anniversary!

Cheers! :)

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