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Diamond Clarity Question From India

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



Question: Sir,
I am an Indian. In India when we Buy the Diamonds we give More Significance to Diamond’s Clarity more than the other Qualities such as Colour or Cut or Carat.

Our Ancestors have Opined that Diamonds with No Flaws will be Good to Buy. Does it mean that Diamonds of SI1 Clarities should Not be Bought? Will it be Harmful to the Family or the Person Wearing it?

Please Explain to me Whether the Persons who bought SI1 Clarity Diamonds have been Better off or Struggling because of it?

Based on your Experience please Explain to me as I am a Firm Believer of this Mythology of our Ancestors.


Hi Ragothaman.

What an Interesting Question. Sadly, it’s not one I can Answer without knowing more about your Culture, but I’ll try.

Every Diamond Clarity can have Flaws in it, even an Internally Flawless Diamond can have Naturals on the Girdle. But from the Sounds of it, I would Tend to Think when they’re talking about “Flaws” in a Diamond that they would be talking about “Eye-VisibleFlaws. If you can See the Inclusion or Flaw with the Naked Eye, then I would think that that’s the Diamond to Stay Away From.

So yes, I would Agree with your thinking that any Diamond Clarity SI1 or Higher (VS, VVS, IF, or Flawless) would be the Diamond to Buy and you should have any Problems with it.

Any Diamond below that Clarity, SI2, (SI3) I1, I2, and I3 would have Flaws Visible to the Naked Eye and I would Stay Away From Those.

Hopefully this Helps

But you still may want to Ask around in India to get other Opinions on what a Diamond Flaw is Considered there. Are there any Jewelers in India? That would be a Good Place to Start.

Good Luck!


Dear Sir,

Your Answer is Good and Agreeable. Fortunately it Matched with My Thinking Too.

I Read your Writings on SI1 and VS Graded Diamonds in your Website and it was Fascinating to me. It Shows your Experience in Diamonds.

In Dubai what the Sellers Disclose about the Clarity Grade of any Diamond may be Truthful because if they Try to Cheat the Buyer by giving a Wrong Grading (Saying I grade as SI1 or SI1 as VS1 and so) their Licence will be Cancelled if the Customer goes for GIA Certification and finds out that he was Cheated. But in India there is No Control by the Government over the Sellers and they may Tend to Cheat the Buyer by Giving a Wrong Grade just to Sell their Diamonds by Getting the Buyers Tempted to Buy.

Hence the Dubai Diamond Market can be Trusted More than any other Diamond Market in the World.

Thank You Very Much for Your Reply.

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