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SI1 Clarity Diamond Visible Inclusion Question

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I was reading your very useful site this morning and the following piece of information stood out to me, “With SI1 Clarity Diamonds, you won’t see any inclusions with the naked eye. You won’t see any from the top view OR the side view.”

We purchased a 1.25 ct. F SI1 from Robbins Brothers, however now when I really, really look at the stone (unfortunately I didn’t see it before, but now that’s it’s purchased I notice it) in a setting and on my finger everyday, I can see flaws from the top and side view.

Some of the flaws I see from the top are the small groupings that I’m guessing are the “additional clouds not shown” in the GIA report. Again, if I really focus (I’m nearsighted so I see very well close up without glasses/contacts) under natural light, I can see a few small, not really black, but dark spots. Then, when I look from the side, again up close and under a natural light, I see the black spots and clouds from the side view too.

I am attaching the G.I.A. report for you to review (most of the details from the PDF sent are in the image below).

Do you think they put a different Diamond in my setting than the G.I.A. report indicates or we originally viewed? Or do you think the G.I.A. grading is off? Or, being the perfectionist/deal seeker I am, I’m just looking waaaaay too close because I feel like we got ripped off by a large jewelery chain and the salesperson working on commission?

Thanks, Alli

Should you see Flaws in an SI1 Clarity Diamond?


Hi Alli.

I have run across a few select people that can see inclusions in SI1 Clarity Diamonds. Most people would not see them. In fact, I even had one person who could see an inclusion in a VS Clarity Diamond. That’s rare!

One thing to keep in mind, is that the bigger the Diamond gets, the easier the Inclusions will be to spot. So in 1.25 Carat Diamond, you may have to step up into a VS stone to not see any of the Inclusions. Usually in a 1.00, SI1 Imperfections would be invisible to the naked eye.

I would trust the report you have, GIA is the best in the industry, but it doesn’t hurt to take it somewhere and have it double checked. You are just one of the very few people who have a stone that large, and also have excellent eye sight and able to see such microscopic characteristics.

P.S. The Diamond is Laser Inscribed, so grab a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe and view the engraving on the side of your Girdle. That will tell you in a heartbeat if you have the right Diamond or not.

It’s a beautiful stone by the way. I LOVE Pure White Diamonds.

:) -Richard

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