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Tiffany Diamond Ring Worth Buying?

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Hello, I want to buy this ring. It’s Tiffany & Co, 1.00 Carat, F in Color VVS2 in Clarity, Excellent Cut (56% Table 62.1% Depth). It comes with Tiffany & Co and GIA Certificate. It’s authentic. The ring is used and it’s 10 years old. The price is $9,500.

I know that if I buy from Tiffany & Co new, it would cost a lot more. Is this a good price? Should I buy it?

Thank you for your help.


The image Nick sent of the ring and authentic Tiffany & co. paperwork is below…

Tiffany 1 Carat VVS2 F Diamond Ring


Hi Nick.

That’s not a bad price for a used Tiffany Diamond of that quality (Nice quality by the way). The picture you sent only shows the Diamond Ring and the Tiffany Diamond Certificate, not the actual GIA Diamond Report. Make sure if they say it’s GIA that it comes with an actual GIA Diamond Report and not just a report from Tiffany itself. Even though I would tend to believe anything Tiffany puts in their report, I would still want to see what GIA says. Also keep in mind that if you buy it used, you get no guarantees or service with the ring.

Also make sure that you have a Jeweler check the ring over to make sure the prongs are still durable and intact. A ring that is 10 years old will probably be worn down with stressed, cracked or even have broken prongs. Make sure that the edges (the Girdle) of the Diamond are not chipped or what they call a Bearded Girdle (small nicks around the outside edge). And make sure that the Diamond in the ring is the same Diamond as listed on the report. A Jeweler can verify this (especially if it’s Laser Inscribed) or take it to an certified appraiser and have them double check it.

I did some checking and called Tiffany about the price of a brand new ring as of today. They no longer do GIA Certificates and only give their own Tiffany Certifications now. For a brand new 1.02 Diamond, VVS2 Clarity, F Color, Excellent Cut (the only Cut they sell), their price was $19,700. Their price seems high for that quality, but you are paying for their brand name. For that same price, you could get a much bigger Carat Weight of Diamond, GIA Certified as in the examples shown below.

To compare their price, here are similar qualities of Diamond from James Allen, GIA Certified, VVS2, F, with Excellent Cuts! :) Enjoy!

1.01, VVS2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $9,670 VIEW
1.09, VVS2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $9,870 VIEW
1.30, VVS2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $13,370 VIEW
1.53, VVS2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $19,340 VIEW

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