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What Do All These Diamonds Have In Common

Let’s play a game…

I’ll show you a bunch of diamonds…

Your job is to figure out what they all have in common. It could be color, could be clarity, could be cut, symmetry, fluorescence, carat weight… Could be any diamond characteristic or trait.

Do you think you could figure it out?

Take a peek at these…

What Do All These Diamonds Have In Common

So what’s your answer?

Any idea what their similarities are?

If you guessed PRICE

You were right!

Each and every stone shown above is the exact same price: $4,000.

Take another look…

Different Diamonds For Four Thousand Dollars

(See them all here at James Allen)

This shows you one thing:

Diamonds of a similar price can look totally different. Some are small, some dark, some yellow, some full of inclusions, others clean…

But they all cost the same!

So if you have $2,000, $4,000 or $8,000 to spend on a diamond: Make sure you compare!

Compare Compare Compare

View other stones of similar price and quality. See what makes one diamond look better than others. Because comparing diamonds will help you stretch your dollar and get you the best stone for your allowed budget (And if you need help comparing diamonds, send me an email in my diamond Q&A HERE!)

All diamonds are unique in nature. All react with light differently. And diamonds will face up distinctly. So don’t settle on one diamond for one price… View and compare others.

Chances are, there is a better diamond, a bigger diamond, a brighter diamond, all for the same price tag.

And above all else…

Compare with James Allen!

James Allen carries the largest diamond inventory online (200,000 diamonds), and has some of the lowest prices available. It’s wise to compare with them (you may never shop in the mall stores again).

View these diamonds close up, magnified, spin them around, and see what makes them rare.

Just like these beautiful diamonds here…

Best VS1 Colorless Diamonds

Cheers! :)

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