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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Why is Diamond Called Named Diamond?

A name is a name…

Did you ever stop to wonder why things are named what they are named?

Why is a lamp called a lamp?

A horse a horse? (of course)

Why is a diamond called a diamond?

Couldn’t they have named common driveway rocks “diamond” so we’d all be rich?

Makes you think doesn’t it?

So what if diamonds were made over a billion years ago? So what if they were made deep down in the earth and arrived to the surface through explosions and magma pipes? So what if these ideal pressure cooker conditions transformed diamonds into the hardest natural substance on the planet??? Is that enough to call a diamond a diamond?

Diamonds are abundant…

Diamonds are found all across the globe. And in great abundance too.

Places like: Angola, Ghana, Russia, Australia, Zaire, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, the Congo and even Canada.

But then, so are tons of other rocks.

The whole wide world is a rock.

So out of all the rocks in the earth’s crust, why did diamond become so valuable?

The only thing that makes diamonds so different from other gems is its hardness.

Diamond is, after all, much harder than a ruby or a sapphire (which is corundum, the next most durable gemstone). Diamond is great for polishing, cutting, grinding, sanding and drilling every other rock out there (just ask your dentist the next time you see him with the drill). Diamonds are hard no doubt about it (only diamond can polish or scratch another diamond). But is that really enough to crown diamond the king of all rocks?

The truth? YES!

Yes, yes, yes it is!

You see, the name “diamond” actually comes from the Greek word adamas, which literally means “unconquerable“.

They are everlasting.

Diamonds get the label of diamond because of its everlasting ability and its dominance over every other gemstone in the world. It’s no fluke that a diamond is called a diamond.

It doesn’t matter that a diamond is made up of pure carbon (element C). Diamond stands for much more than just a rock from the earth’s mantle. It stands for the endurance of time, the ultimate beauty of nature and the everlasting love and devotion and happiness it brings.

Diamond’s mystic charm and supernatural powers have driven man for thousands of years to wear it for protection, purification and intrigue.

Without diamond, where would we be?

Would your engagement ring hold nothing but a brown driveway rock?

Diamond may be just another rock, but we perceive them as much more. They are a symbol of wealth, status, power and relationships.

Diamond’s value is priceless.

It’s a fascinating ego trip with mother nature’s finest. There is nothing better. Diamond is unconquerable. The king.

The name fits it perfectly.

Is it just a rock? Sure. But it’s the best looking rock you’ll ever see in your life. It’s the rock that puts a smile on your face, the sparkle in your eyes, and the ring on your finger,, the beat in your heart. Nothing else will do.

Diamond is by far, the only true object that will never wear down, get old, or erode. And that’s because it’s not just harder than a ruby or a sapphire, but it’s 4 times harder. That’s the absolute hardness. It literally makes diamond frozen in time.

Diamond is classic and endless just like the endurance of love itself.

So there you go…

Diamond it is.

Diamond it will always be.

Now, what about that thing called lamp?

Cheers! :)

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