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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

The beauty of any Diamond is it’s Sparkle!

If it didn’t Sparkle or Twinkle, it would look like any normal piece of quartz, and some would look like a chunk of salt.

So the real value in any Diamond is how much it Sparkles!

The question is:

What makes Diamonds Sparkle?

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight???

The Answer is Light. Light and the way that Light interacts with a Diamond!

If you look at the standard shape of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, you’ll see that the bottom of the stone comes to a point. This angled, faceted point is called the Pavilion. See the diagram below…

The Diamond Pavilion

Now the real Beauty begins…

When light enters the Crown, or the top portion of the stone, it comes down until it hits the angle of the Pavilion.

This angle bounces the light, like a reflection, across to the other side of the Pavilion where the opposite angle then bounces it back up out of the top of the Diamond, as seen here…

Diamond Pavilion Bounces Light Across

Fire, Sparkle and Brilliance

This light reflection is what causes the Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire in any Diamond (Ideal Cut Diamond). It brings it to life!

Cut Creates Brilliance and Fire in a Diamond

So it’s pretty easy then to understand that if this Pavilion gets too Deep or too Shallow, it doesn’t bounce light across and out, it actually shoots most of the light through the base of the Diamond where it gets lost forever!

Compare Cuts below…

Compare Diamond Cuts

Hence, the Diamond looks Darker, less Beautiful, and carries less Sparkle!

What a Shame!

Why spend all that time and effort buying a Diamond, looking and learning about Color and Clarity, and then miss out on the MOST IMPORTANT feature of any stone: The CUT!

The Cut should be the #1 factor!

You MUST look at CUT!

Look at any GIA Diamond Report and see what the Cut Grade is of that Diamond. If you want the MOST Sparkle (Sparkle that will knock her socks off), then look for “Excellent” Grades like so…

Excellent Cut Grades

Or, at the very least, look for “Very Good“… That will still look Very Good! ;)

Excellent” though is where the magic will truly happen! Her eyes will light up, the Diamond will Sparkle, and all will be right with the world…

If only for a little while! :)

Check out some of the AWESOME EXCELLENT CUT DIAMONDS below! :)

.53, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,730 VIEW
.75, SI1, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $3,490 VIEW
.99, SI2, F, EXCELLENT, GIA $6,600 VIEW

These Diamonds will SELL FAST, so See Similar Quality Diamonds HERE!


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