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Average Mens and Ladies Ring Sizes

When people Shop, they always want to know what other People Buy.

They’re always Curious on what the Averages and Popular Styles, Shapes, and Sizes are.

I’m Frequently Asked:

How Much Do Most People Spend?

“What’s the Most common Diamond Color?”

“What’s the Most Popular Engagement Ring Carat Weight?”

What’s the Average Ladies Ring Size?

So if you’re looking for the Averages and Popularity in all Types of Jewelry, Diamonds, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets and more, here they are:


  • The Average Engagement Ring Carat Weight is only 38 Points (.38 Carat).
  • One Carat Diamonds are the Average “Dream” Diamond.
  • The Average Diamond Clarity for an Engagement Ring is SI1 Clarity.
  • The Average Diamond Color is in the Near Colorless Range (H-I).
  • The Average Cut of a Diamond is Good (I Recommend Higher, like Very Good or Excellent for Better Sparkle).
  • The Most Popular Diamond Shape is Round (Brilliant Cut).
  • The Average mm Size of a One Carat Diamond (100 Points) is 6.5mm.
  • The Average mm Size of a Quarter Carat Diamond (25 Points) is 4mm.
  • The Average mm Size of a Half Carat Diamond (50 Points) is 5mm.
  • The Average mm Size of a Three-Quarter Carat Diamond (75 Points) is 5.75mm.
  • The Average mm Size of a Two Carat Diamond (200 Points) is 8mm.
  • The Average mm Size of a Three Carat Diamond (300 Points) is 9.25mm.
  • The Average Carat Weight Range for Diamonds listed in a Jewelry Catalog: .07 – .08 Carat Leeway.
  • The Average Table Width of a Diamond is 52.4 – 57.5%.
  • The Average Total Diamond Depth is 58.7 – 62.3%.
  • The Average Diamond Crown Height is 16.2%.
  • The Average Diamond Girdle Width: Medium (.51 – 2.95%).
  • The Average Diamond Culet Size is Medium
  • The Average Diamond Crown Angle is 33.7 – 35.8°.
  • The Average Diamond Pavilion Angle is 40.15 – 41.2°.


  • The Average Ladies Ring Size is a Size 6 (this has shifted slightly over the years and you’ll find it leans more towards a 6.5 now).
  • The Average Mens Ring Size is a 10.
  • The Average Person’s Dominant hand is usually 1/2 Size Larger than the other (for both Men and Ladies).
  • On Average, Wider Rings will need to be 1/2 Size or 1 Full Size Larger than a Regular Fitting Ring.

Bridal Rings

  • The Average Amount Men spend on an Engagement Ring is $2,000 – $3,000.
  • The Average Amount that Women Spend on a Man’s Wedding Band is $100 – $300.
  • The Most Popular Engagement Ring is a Tiffany Style Mounting.
  • The Most Popular Metal for Ladies Rings is 14k White Gold (second is Platinum).
  • The Most Popular Metal for Mens Wedding Bands are Stainless Steel or Titanium (Very Durable).
  • The Average Width of a Ladies Engagement Ring is 2.5mm.
  • The Average Mens Wedding Band Width is 5-6.5mm.
  • The Average Time it takes a Guy to Buy an Engagement Ring: 1 Hour.


  • The Average Ladies Bracelet Length is 7″.
  • The Average Mens Bracelet Length is 8″.
  • The Average Ladies Anklet Length is 9″.
  • The Average Ladies Necklace Length is 18″ (16″ for a Choker).
  • The Average Mens Necklace Length is 20″.
  • The Average Turnaround Time for a Jewelry Repair: 1 Week.
  • The Most Popular Selling Men’s Chain is the Figaro Chain.

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If you can think of more Averages that I can Add to my List. Drop me a Line.

Cheers! :)

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