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Best Jewelry Videos on YouTube

What do they always Say?

Watch and Learn!

Watching is the BEST way to Learn. It’s Smart, it’s Easy and it just takes a Minute or Two (or Two Hours… HA!)

And there is no better place to watch, then YouTube!

YouTube has over 1,770,000 Results just for the Word “Jewelry“, another 6,890,000 for the Word “Diamonds“, 1,540,000 for “Watches“, and 112,000 for “Gemstones“.

Do you know how long it would take you to Watch all those??? Forever! (Especially with the Painful ADS to Watch!)

That’s why I’ve gone and picked some favorite topics here on Jewelry Secrets and found some great Videos to go along with them.

Topics like: How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry. How to Tell if Pearls are Fake or Real. How to Choose a Diamond. How durable is Tungsten? What does Clarity mean?. Using a Jeweler’s Loupe. The Solution to the Puzzle Ring, Great Proposals and more…

YouTube Videos, the BEST Jewelry Vids I could find… (23 of them – the 24th bailed HA!)

Here we go! :)

Cleaning Tarnished Silver Jewelry

This video is Awesome… How to clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry in just 5 minutes! We all know that Silver Tarnishes, and this process of cleaning it at home is simple! Put Aluminium Foil in a bowl, shiny side up. Add in a touch of Salt and a Tablespoon of Baking Soda. Pour in 1/2 cup of Boiling Water and a 1/2 cup of Plain White Vinegar. Put your Silver Jeweler in the bowl so they touch the Aluminium Foil, wait 5 minutes, and Presto! Clean shiny Silver Jewelry that looks brand new again. It’s cool and fast! Take a peek…

Tip: Be careful, some Silver Jewelry and Costume Jewelry has Glue or Stones which could Crack or come Loose in Boiling Water!

Virtually Scratch Proof Tungsten

This video is a MUST see! Watch as they demonstrate the hardness and toughness of different metals, from White Gold, to Platinum, Titanium and Tungsten. It’s quite impressive. He hits the rings with the claw end of a hammer repeatedly leaving indentations and visible marks on the edges of the bands. White Gold and Platinum take a beating. Titanium holds up much better… But when he gets to Tungsten and strikes it 21 times with force, the Tungsten Ring comes out unmarred, undamaged, clean and brand new looking. It’s virtually indestructible! Tungsten is an awesome and very durable metal. Take a look at this shocking Video…

Make Your Own Origami Ring

This video is Pretty Fun and Straight Forward. You can make an Origami Ring with a Dollar Bill. Sweet! And what’s so Cool about it is the Fact that the Dollar Bill Denomination (a One Dollar Bill works the BEST) will be Shown on the Top like a Signet Ring. AWESOME! Plus, you can also use just Plain Printer Paper to make a Ring and then Draw an Image on the Top! What more could you Ask for? Get some Paper. Grab a Bill. Start Folding Today! :)

How to Tell Real Pearls from Fake

I wrote about Real Versus Fake Pearls before, but this is a great video that has seven signs to distinguish between Real and Fake Pearls:

1) Real Pearls have Texture. Fake are smooth. 2) Real Pearls have an overtone of Color. Fake are usually milky and white. 3) Real Pearls are reflective. Fake Pearls are dull. 4) Real Pearls have slight differences in six and shape. Fake Pearls are uniform and all the same size. 5) Real Pearls are cold to the touch, but warm to the body. Fake Pearls are room temperature always! 6) Real Pearls are heavy. Fake are lightweight. 7) Real Pearls are gritty on the teeth. Fake are smooth. She does a good job in this video and I really enjoyed it. Take a peek…

The History of Gold

This video is long and stocked full of ADS, but it’s well worth watching. Talking about the History of Gold (P.S. I wrote about the History of WHITE GOLD here!) and that Gold came from OUTER SPACE! Sweet! It’s Quite Interesting learning about the Gold Rush and everything else Gold Related in this 42 Minute Video! Watch it here:

Understanding the 4C’s

Bluenile knows Diamonds and puts together great educational videos about Diamonds and the 4C’s. In this video they talk about Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. With Cut being the most important of the 4C’s. Cut is what determines the beauty and sparkle of a Diamond. The life! Color is the lack of Color, and most Diamonds sold on the market are Colorless or Near Colorless in hue. Clarity is the tiny imperfections in a stone. These Inclusions are usually only seen under 10x magnification. Carat Weight is not only how much the stone weighs, but how evenly the Carat Weight is distributed. A properly Cut stone distributes the weight and enhances Brilliance and Fire. Learn more…

How are Pearls Formed?

Watch this cool video about the production of Pearls. How a shelled Mollusk like an Oyster creates Pearls as an immune to foreign objects. They release Nacre around the object, and after years of growing, it forms into a Pearl. Science creates farms of Oysters to creates Cultured Pearls which aren’t nearly as valuable. But they are much more affordable and much more popular on the market. Take a look and learn…

Diamond Clarity 101

In this Diamond Clarity Video, you’ll learn that most Diamonds DO have flaws, 2 types of flaws: Inclusions (Internal Flaws) and Blemishes (External Flaws). Many people refer to these as Nature’s Fingerprints. Inclusions are often mapped out on a Diamond Plot (on a Diamond Report called a Certificate). GIA grades Diamonds on a scale from FL (Flawless) all the way down to I3 (Included level 3). Most flaws are so small they can only be seen under 10x magnification. See how Inclusions can block light, and make the Diamond sparkle less…

GIA: How to Choose a Diamond

GIA puts out a great video on choosing a Diamond and the process of grading it’s put through. GIA developed the 4C’s in 1931 to create a universal language for grading Diamonds. They are the largest and most respected non-profit institute for Diamond Grading in the World. See how GIA uses Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight to grade stones. The less Color, the higher the grade. The less Inclusions, the more rare and more expensive a Diamond becomes (with 11 different Clarity Grades to classify). Cut is not just the shape of the stone, but how it’s proportioned and polished. Carat Weight is based upon the scale, 1 CT = 200 Milligrams. The larger the stone, the more rare, but not always most expensive. The GIA Report is the most technically advanced Diamond Report possible. See how…

How to Check if a Diamond is Fake

6 ways to test your stone at home! I’ve wrote about the differences between CZ and a Diamond here, but this video gives you more great tips! 1) Scratch Test on Glass. This is not recommended because you could damage your Diamond, and other Gemstones will scratch glass as well. 2) Fog Test. Diamonds disperse heat instantly. Fog up your stone like a mirror and see if it clears quickly, or if takes longer than 3-5 seconds. 3) Transparency Test. Clean your loose Diamond and lay it on newsprint. Can you read the words? It could be a fake! 4) Inclusion Test. Fake stones have perfect Clarity, most real Diamonds don’t! 5) Black Light Test – If your Diamond has the rare occurrence of Fluorescence, it could glow-in-the-dark under a black light or UV light. Fake stones won’t! 6) Detecting Treated Diamonds. Clarity enhanced stones can be spotted with a 10x powered loupe through the Pavilion. Look for one color, or flashes of color to tell if your stone is real or fake. Was that good deal too good to be true? Find out…

Acid Test – 14k Gold

Great video about using acid to test whether a piece of Jewelry is real Gold or fake. Things used: 6 different bottles of Acid (Acid Test Kits) with different potency, a File, Arkansas Scratch Stone, Glass Cleaner and of course Jewelry. They Loupe the Jewelry for Karat Stamps and then see if a magnet will stick to the Rings. Real gold won’t! Cool to see! Then they take a Ring, scratch it on the stone and run 14k Acid across the scratch to see if the mark disappears or not. If it vanishes, it’s not Gold! This is the cheapest and best way to test Gold! All Jewelers use this method. See how…

Top 10 Marriage Proposals

Watch people propose and the creative ways they did it: 1) In a Magic Trick 2) At the Theater 3) At a Football Game 4) On the Weather Channel 5) Skating on Ice 6) During a Game Show 7) Falling off a Building 8) At Disneyland 9) Cell Phone Music Proposal 10) At the Cinema (Awesome Video). Watching these sure makes you want to do something fun and different. The real question is: Will you Marry Me??? Watch, then read more in my post about Great Marriage Proposals here!

Great Britain’s Biggest Jewelry Theft

Check out Great Britain’s Biggest Gem Theft, to catch a thief (or try to) from ABC news. 2 Well dressed men steal a fortune (43 pieces of Jewelry totaling over 65 Million Dollars) in just 2 minutes! The getaway? 2 Shots and a Black Cab. Switching 3 Cars in just a half mile, they give the London Police the slip. A massive man-hunt is on the way. Take a look…

Do It Yourself Photograph Light Box

To make your own Photo Light Box Cheaply, grab these tools: Cardboard Box, White Tissue Paper, White Poster Board, 2 Fluorescent Light Sources, Box Cutter, Ruler, Scissors, Tape and a Sharpie Marker. 1) Cut the box. 2) Layout the poster board, matte side facing you, with no creases.3) Tape Tissue Paper over the 3 holes in the box. 4) Position the Lights, one on either side of the box to keep out shadows and let in plenty of light. Just be careful, the lights are hot, you don’t want to get them too close to the tissue paper, and you don’t want to leave them unattended. Now you’re ready to Photograph! All you need now, is a good camera and a tripod. :) Watch here… And see a Very Cool Portable Light Studio Here!

How to Spot a Fake Rolex!

Can you tell the difference between a Rolex that’s worth $2,500 and one that’s worth nothing? (I wrote a great article about telling the difference between Fake and Real Rolexs here!) Otherwise, Watch and learn! Rolex Watches are perfect and flawless in manufacturing. Fakes are not! Real Rolex watches are Waterproof. Fakes leak! Rolex doesn’t make a Stainless Steel Watch with a Day AND Date! This is the most common fake out there. The Magnifying Glass (Cyclops) over the Date on a Rolex is 2.5 power magnification. Fakes are generally just 1.5 power. The key point is: Don’t buy a Rolex off the street! And if it’s Cheap… It’s FAKE!

How to Hold a Jeweler’s Loupe

Quick Video that shows you how to use a Jeweler’s Loupe. You would think this is easy, but very few people know how to hold one correctly. 1) Push the Loupe Open and insert your finger through hole. 2) Bring Loupe up to your good eye and rest your knuckle against your cheek to steady it. 3) Bring the item (like a Ring) up to the Loupe and connect your hands to form a bridge (a solid platform). This allows you to move the item in and out until it’s perfectly in focus. Tip: Keep your other eye open so you don’t get headaches. And don’t lean forward and allow your shadow to fall over the item. You want to let the light in! :) See how it’s done

Puzzle Ring Solution

Great video that shows you step by step how to solve the solution to the 4 ring puzzle (As well as my post on the Puzzle Ring Solution Here!). You’ll learn how to identify the 2 crossing bands, and the 2 outside bands. You’ll see her take the ring apart, and then one by one rotate them, lock them together into a smooth figure 8, and then bring them all together into the finished product. This video is quite easy to follow. It’s effortless and a pleasure to watch. Is it really this simple? YES! Watch and see…

Diamond Shapes

Look at all the different Diamond Shapes on the market (I have 100 Diamond Shapes here) starting with the most common cutting style: The Round Brilliant Cut. There are 3 different cutting styles available: Mixed Cut, Step Cut and Brilliant Cut. You’ll see and learn about the correct proportions and ratios of these popular shaped stones: Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Radiant Cut, Pear Cut, Heart Cut and the Cushion Cut Diamond. Learn about the length and width of these cuts and which Cuts need a higher Clarity and Color to not be noticed with the naked eye. Some Cuts hide Flaws better. Learn more…

ABC’s 20/20 Diamond Business

Listen to Diane Sawyer as they uncover shady Diamond Buying/Selling and Swapping practices. A Diamond worth only $8? You bet! 3 Months worth of investigation with hidden cameras and a $22,000 budget. See what happens! 47th Street New York Diamond District gets hit hard. They buy $6,000 worth of Diamonds that are claimed to be Near Colorless, and they turn out to be Yellow and Brown in hue. “Don’t believe everything people tell you” says the one Jeweler who ripped them off. “Sales people exaggerate!” Shocking? YEP! This isn’t a subjective difference. Even Macy’s misses the mark when it comes to exaggeration. The Home Shopping Network over exaggerates the quality of it’s goods and how many they stock. A 1 Carat Diamond for $400? It’s not pretty! Where would this Diamond Ring sell for their so-called $1,200 retail price? On Mars! lol See Diamond Scams on resetting stones as one Jeweler swaps out a laser engraved stone right before your eyes… and lie about it! You just lost $5,000! Learn how to protect yourself by getting a second opinion and by buying a Certified Diamond with a Diamond Plot. Great vid… but the video is recorded way past the ending of the show. See what I mean here…

De Beers Turns Rough Diamonds Into Perfection

Cool video that shows the DTC (Diamond Trading Company) of De Beers sorting stones that come from the mines of Botswana. The stones are sorted in 12,000 categories (in regards to the 4C’s), so site holders (about 100 Jewelers) can buy the rough Diamonds directly. See how the stones are plotted by computer to maximize profit and watch as they Cut, Round and Polish a stone. Great inside look! :)

How to Cast Gold Jewelry

Learn how to Cast Jewelry with the Centrifugal Casting Process. This Jeweler sets up a Wax Carving with a spru (which allows the wax to melt out and the metal to enter the mold), covers it with a Flask Sleeve, and inserts Investment Compound (looks like Plaster of Paris). Once the air pockets are removed and the investment hardens, it’s baked in an oven at 1500 degrees for 6 hours. Then Hot Metal (like Gold) is shoved into the hollow cavity by Centrifugal Force. Once it cools, the Metal is Cut, Filed, Sanded and Polished to produce the final product. It’s a cool process that Jeweler’s use every day to product custom pieces. Take a look…

Tips to Save Money on Diamonds

Cool tips to save money when buying Diamonds (I have an eBook that actually gives you 101 ways to save money on Diamonds here!). You’ll learn that the average sale is just $3,250 and you’ll find clever ways to save some dough. 1) Take advantage of slightly smaller Carat Weights. 2) Buy Near Colorless Diamonds. You’ll save between 25-35% than you would with Pure White Stones. 3) Purchase SI Clarity, they’ll still look Flawless to the naked eye! 4) Don’t skimp on Cut! Choose a stone with an “Excellent” or “Very Good” Cut! 5) Get Proof of the Ratings! Ask to see the Certificate or GIA Diamond Report. It’s your money, learn how to get more for your buck!

How to Spot Fake Pandora Jewelry

A Pandora Dealer gives you simple tips to safeguard yourself from buying Fake Pandora Jewelry versus real! 1) Pandora Prices are set and will NEVER be discounted! Ever! 2) Watch the product photos. Real Pandora pieces are expertly photographed and look great. Fakes ones will look bad, and the images will be bad as well. 3) All online websites that sell Pandora MUST have a brick and mortar location. You can go to Pandora.net and check the Stores Tab to see all the official Pandora Dealers so you don’t get ripped off or taken for a ride. Take a look…


Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
Ring Adjusters EMT Emergency Ring Cutter 10x Jewelers Loupe Jewelers Microscope

Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
Ring Adjusters EMT Emergency Ring Cutter
10x Jewelers Loupe Jewelers Microscope

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