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Birthstone Gemstones That Look Good Together

I often get asked “What Gemstones look good together?

People want to know if you can wear certain Gems together, or certain color schemes that will match well.

The problem is, there are thousands and thousands of different Gemstones, and pretty much every Gemstone there is comes in a wide assortment or colors (just like people do).

So making a list of all the Gems that go good together would be an endless list. Plus, most of the Gemstones wouldn’t be available to purchase!

Instead, I’ve narrowed down the list to the most commonly found Gemstones in Jewelry Stores today, and that my friends, is the 12 month Birthstones!

The Monthly Birthstones

Some months actually have more than 1 Gemstone for them, so instead of giving you 12 stones to choose from, the list gets closer to 19, give or take depending on the store, location and color of choice.

Take a look at the Official Birthstone Chart below…

Birthstones and Gemstones List

This Birthstone List includes:

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond or CZ (Cubic Zirconia)
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal, Pink Tourmaline
  • November – Citrine, Yellow Topaz
  • December – Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite

Most Gemstones are fairly inexpensive as compared to the Precious Gemstones: Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, and of course, Diamond and Tanzanite!

So mixing Gems and Birthstones won’t bee too difficult and you can certainly get some great looks and some very unique pieces of Jewelry.

Mixing Gemstone Colors

The most popular ways to mix Gemstones together is to sort them by favorite Colors.

So let’s do just that…

Red Gemstones

Ruby is the most popular Red Gemstone there is. It comes in some different hues of red, from Pigeon Blood Red to light Pinkish-Red.

The darker the Red the better, as long as it doesn’t get too dark where it looks black.

Garnet, which is the Birthstone for January comes in tons of various colors from Orange, Deep Red, Reddish-Purple (Rhodolite Garnets), Purple (Grape Garnets) and Green Garnets.

Deep Red Garnets are incredible and look very similar to Rubies, without the heavy price tag.

Garnets and Rubies always look good together, and often you can mix in Pinks, like the Pink Tourmaline to create some awesome looks…

Red Gemstones

Blue Gemstones

Blue Gems are great because you can wear them with just about any outfit.

There are plenty of choices to choose from when considering a Blue Gem.

Sapphire (Birthstone for September) is the most popular Blue Gemstone there is. Quickly followed by Blue Topaz and Blue Zircon (Birthstones for December). Mix in some watery light blues of the Aquamarine and you have some dreamy looks.

Blues always make some cool rings with beautiful shades of water and sky

Blue Gemstones

Green Gemstones

Green is the color of money, and a good Green Emerald will cost you lots of it. Emerald is the official Birthstone for May and is hard to find one in deep Green shades that’s also displaying few inclusions (Black Spots).

Emerals are known for their flaws, cracks, carbon spots, and to see one without any is a rare sight indeed.

Most Emeralds you find on the market today (Just like good Rubies and Sapphires) will probably be lab created.

Emeralds look very similar to Green Garnets (which I love), and go great together with Peridot (Birthstone for August), and Green Tourmaline (Alternate Birthstone for October).

You really can create some wonderful rings by taking advantage of these Great Green Gems.

Stunning comes to mind! :)

Green Gemstones

Purple Gemstones

Women LOVE Purple Gemstones! The most popular (and cheapest) Purple Gemstone there is, is the Amethyst Gemstone for February.

Another Purple Gemstone that’s fairly new to the market (just in the last 40 years), is Tanzanite (introduced by Tiffany), and is now an official Birthstone for December.

Tanzanites are unbelievably beautiful, expensive, and a little soft and vulnerable. You have to be more careful with them!

One other Purple Gemstone is the Alexandrite, which is a Color-Changing Gemstone. In different lighting atmospheres, the Alexandrite will change from Purple to Green, or Green to Red.

Such a great stone with great possibilities.

Mix Purples together and you have a Purple Lover’s Masterpiece!

Purple Gemstones

Yellow Gemstones

I love Yellow Gemstones! But, it’s not the most popular color for Women.

Both Citrine (Golden-Yellow Orange), and Yellow Topaz (Birthstones for November), are the 2 most widely seen Yellow Stones in stores. But there is one more that I truly admire…

Yellow Sapphires!

Usually having a deeper Golden Hue that is much brighter than a normal Sapphire, Yellow Sapphires are stunning and also very durable.

Mix these Gems together for an awesome variety of Yellow Hues that will make any Jewelry bright and beautiful!

Yellow Gemstones

Orange Gemstones

Orange is an incredibly vivid color for a Gemstone. Few people even realize that Orange Gems exist.

The most popular Gem is the Garnet (in Orange-Rust hues). It looks like fine wine to me. :)

Many times you can also find Citrines in more of a Dark Golden Hue that gives off a great Orangy cast.

You can also find Orange Sapphires (Sapphires come in all different colors of the rainbow except Red; then it’s called a Ruby).

But, one of the most coolest bright Orange Gemstone there is, is the Fire Opal!

Fire Opals are delicate in nature, but the stones are very stunning and quite beautiful.

Mix Orange Gems with Yellow and Reds to get some wondrous colors that mimic a Sunset.

Take a look…

Orange Gemstones

Colored Sapphires

While we just brought up that little info about Sapphires coming in all different colors and hues… they really do!

Multi Colored Sapphires

Sapphires create some impressive looks, and being a Gemstone that’s also very durable (a 9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness), they’ll hold up better than any Gemstone out there, except for the Diamond of course (a 10 on the Moh’s Scale).

Other Great Gemstones come in variety of colors as well…

Garnet Gemstones

While Orange-Brown is the most common Garnet for January, you’ll also find, Green Garnets, Red Garnets and Purple Garnets…

Garnet Gemstones

They all look beautiful and their cost is rather inexpensive.


One of the most popular Gems for June is the Pearl!

Did you know that Pearls come in all sorts of colors, hues, shapes and sizes?

Chocolate Pearls are one of the newest trends to hit the market, and boy are they a hot item. Take a look at a strand of Chocolate Pearls and different shades of Pearls…

Pearl Gemstones

All the different hues of Pearls also come with different meanings. Learn the Meanings of Pearls here! :)

Moonstone Gemstones

Also a Birthstone for June, Moonstones vary in sizes and colors as well. They are often iridescent like Opals, and also a little delicate.

The big question people ask is “Do Moonstones Heal?” Legend says so, but legend also says you can’t get drunk if you wear an Amethyst! Go figure! :)

Moonstone Gemstones

Alexandrite Gemstones

These awesome color-changing stones are to die for! I love them!

But, it’s very, very rare and expensive to fine a Genuine Alexandrite on the market. 99.9% of the time what you’ll find is lab-created Alexandrites. Just as beautiful, and just as stunning, created Alexandrites usually change from Purple/Red to Green in different lighting.

I recommend an Alexandrite for everyone!

They are that cool!

Alexandrite Gemstones

But who says you have to stick with specific colors or Birthstones?

How about really mixing them up?

Precious Gemstones

What about combining all 3 of the Precious Gemstones (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald), to create some very cool new looks?

Precious Gemstones

Blues & Purple Gems

You could combine Blues and Purples stones together and have a one of a kind Blue-Violet ring.

One word: STUNNING!

Blue And Purple Gemstones

Tropical Gemstones

Mix Blues and Greens (and maybe even a Pearl) together for that wonderful Caribbean Tropical look. Makes you wish you were taking a cruise to the Islands…

Tropical Gemstones

Red & Purple Gems

Red and Purple gems go great together and form a rich, vivid piece of Jewelry

Red And Purple Gemstones

Baby Gemstones

Having a Baby?

A Boy or a Girl?

Why not mix Blues and Pinks together to create a masterpiece that you’ll never forget…

Baby Gemstones

Rainbow Gemstones

Combine a range of colors to create all the fun colors of a rainbow.

Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Peridot and Citrine give you a beautiful look without costing you an arm and a leg

Rainbow Gemstones

How about some more fun?

Stop N Go Gems

Mix Ruby, Citrine and Emerald together, or their cheaper alternative stones: Garnet, Yellow Topaz and Peridot, to get the cool color combo of a street light

Red Light Green Light Gemstones

Still looking for more color from the Birthstone List? Maybe What the Meaning of Birthstones are?

Consider this:

Colored Diamonds

Genuine Diamonds that come in all different shades, hues and colors are called Fancy Colored Diamonds or Colored Diamonds.

Fancies are rare and expensive!

For example:

The Hope Diamond is a Famous Fancy Blue Diamond!

The most common colors of Diamonds are: White (of course), but then there’s Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Brown, Blue and Pink (Red and Blue are the most expensive Fancy Colors of Diamonds). A true Fancy Colored Diamond will be labeled and called a “Fancy“, or “Fancies“.

What you’ll more than likely find on the market and in the Jewelry Stores Today are Heat Treated or Enhanced stones that are more vibrant and colorful. These are simply just called Colored Diamonds. Like these…

Chocolate Diamonds (along with Champagne Diamonds), are Brown Diamonds that are wildly popular right now.

Black Diamonds (mix them together with White Diamonds for a Day and Night effect), have been around for quite a while. They give you some impressive and stunning looks. Black Diamonds are actually REAL Fancy Colored Diamonds, but inexpensive ones because of the density of the solid Black shade.

Caribbean Blue Diamonds are awesome. I do love me some Blue-Green Diamonds!

The contrast of Blue Diamonds against White Gold is breath taking. Take a peek at some Fancy Colored Diamonds below…

Fancy Colored Diamonds

So now you have some Great Gemstone Jewelry Ideas that will turn heads and give you that color and hue you’ve always been searching for.

Nothing says you have to play by the books. You could always use Gemstones for Chakra Readings! :)

The point is: Get Creative!

And Colorful!


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  1. Hi, awesome. Write up on alexandrite, I am a cancer star sign 9/7/58, can I wear this stone? Look forward to your reply

  2. Thanks for the visuals! My kids’ birthstones are garnet and ruby. I was wondering if they would look good together or if it would be strange to have two different red stones too close together. Now I can see that I like the look!


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