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Why Aren't All Diamonds Cut Ideal Cut?

It’s almost funny if you think about it…

There’s an “ideal cut” for diamonds (round diamonds or brilliant cut diamonds) a standard that most people already know about…

That’s not a secret.

That cut is supposed to be the best cut of diamond on the market.

So my question is:

If there is an ideal cut, a cut that is head and shoulders above the rest, then why aren’t all diamonds cut this way?

Wouldn’t that be ideal?

To have all diamonds cut perfectly so they maximize brilliance and sparkle?

I mean really, if there truly is a cut that excels in perfection and standards (and there is) it just seems obvious to me that all diamonds should be cut like this.

Cut is one of the 4C’s that man can actually manage and determine.

(The other being carat weight which also is a factor of cut – Mother Nature decides color and clarity.)

So why don’t we just cut them all ideal and be done with it?

Why go through the entire process of mining, cleaning, selecting and cutting if we’re only going to cut it badly?

Why cut a diamond that’s crappy and shallow and will lose life and light? It doesn’t make any sense does it?

Here’s the truth…

The reason why most diamonds are cut way shallow or deep all boils down to one word:


It’s all about the money (Isn’t that what drives any business?) The road to the most money is the road that most businesses will take. And you really can’t blame them, can you? Even if the end result is to sacrifice diamond quality.

Because when you think about it, it’s not about taking a rough diamond from the Earth and cutting one perfect ideal diamond and making a small bit of profit… Oh no! It’s about maximizing profits and cutting three or four diamonds from that same rock and making a lot of profit, double, triple the money, even if those diamonds are not so ideal. It’s all about the bottom line.

Gotta make that money.

That’s why the cut of a diamond will always vary. Diamond cutters scope out the rough rock to utilize as much of that rock as possible. They strive to get every dollar they can. And if the cuts are off a little, so be it.

Cut is not shape.

Most people won’t notice, or sadly, won’t know enough about cut to care. Most people think “cut” refers only to the shape of the diamond like “round” or “square“. Those not-so-ideal cuts end up selling, and most customers just have no idea what they’re buying. All customers know is that they saved a buck or two and the diamond looks fine. Everyone is happy.

So why is it so hard to notice these inferior cuts of diamonds?

Because most diamonds on the market are off 10-20% in their cuts anyway. They all vary from the ideal cut percentages. To the bare eye, unless you know what you’re looking for, they all pretty much look the same. That’s why cut is one of the hardest of the 4C’s to get a grasp of.

Microscope diamonds:

If you look at diamonds good enough, and check them out with a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe, you will see things like: a larger looking table, a higher crown, a thicker girdle, a deeper stone.

Diamonds that are too thin or too thick will lose light and sparkle. Diamonds that vary greatly will usually look dull and lifeless, which is sad, because the beauty of any diamond is its sparkle, brilliance and fire.

So what can you do to ensure that you get an ideal cut?

Look for “ideal” cut when you shop. A GIA certified ideal cut is shown below…

Diamonds Ideal Cut!

GIA makes it really, really simple… They grade from an updated cut grade system. It makes getting a great cut easier. Just look for “excellent” or “very good” cut grades (both ideal).

Table percentages are usually between 53-57%, while the entire depth percentage is around 57.5-63%.

Also keep an eye on the girdle. You want your girdle to be medium (not too thin or not too thick – you don’t want it to chip or break easily. Read: what’s a diamond girdle?)

Below is a chart that shows all the different facets on an ideal cut diamond:

Ideal Cut Diamond Facets!

They are expensive…

Ideal cut diamonds will be more expensive than a normal “good” cut. After all, you are getting a diamond that’s cut as close to perfection as possible (remember, they sacrificed cutting other diamonds just to make this one diamond ideal).

Nothing’s perfect:

Also keep in mind that you will never, ever get a totally perfect diamond.

This is because there is no such thing as a perfect diamond.

Even the ideal cut, which is supposed to be the best cut of diamond in the world is not perfect. The ideal cut is a “range” of percentages and visual appearance.

See, even the perfect cut has some degree of variance. But, if you get close to these standards, you’ll get the maximum amount of both white light (brilliance) and colored light (fire). And with this awesome balance your diamond will shine like crazy.

Read more about: diamond cut.

All in all, just think ideal (or look for “excellent” or “very good” cut grades).

Read up on the cut of the diamond:

Learn why some diamonds of the same clarity and color are sold at much cheaper prices

Cheaper usually means they have crappy cuts to them.

Keep your eyes open and learn.

Because that’s a cut that you can do without.

See some awesome ideal cut diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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